Lib-Ark | Central Park

Library, Park, Ark

Location: Central Park, New York

Program: Library, Amusement Park

Time: 2019 (Conceived)

Team: Zheng Tao, Fernie Lai, Alan Hung, Zhang ZeQun, Li JiaXin

Welcome to Lib-Ark, the Library, the Park, the Ark, for written and other works. Allow us to guide you through “the protagonists' journey”, spend the day with us, in meditation, in reflection, in slowness, in stillness, or immersed in the simple pleasure of reading. On mobile reading pods or within this invigorating landscape, with peaks and valleys, ascends and descends, creaks and falls, forests and meadows. This is a monument of readings past or an amusement park for the enjoyment of future readings. Lib-Ark stores and holds one of New York’s most mobile collection of books. Let the story travel to you, and take you with it, rather than you to it. Situated within Central Park of New York, let this be a haven within a haven.
Access. The Pace
Carefully orchestrated combinations of rhythms and patterns as the pods travel on hover tracks. Different tracks different speeds, lift your head from your book and find yourself transported elsewhere.
Ascend & Decend. The Summit.
Reaching a height above the tress of Central Park, a rare view of the city from within the park. Perhaps coffee, tea or a brief read of a book left behind by a previous visitor will spark inspiration for the rest of the journey.
The Reading Pod(s)
There are several ways to access reading material:
by reserving material to a designated pod ahead of time; via your own personal device any where any time within the complex; by random encounters through curated selection of books at display areas in pods or other public areas; by pick-up at the service counter, see "The Hall"
The Valley. The Plateau
Out-door reading areas within the natural scenery
The Hall
Large events, lectures, inquiries and back of house functions. The main library stack is hidden beneath this man-made fabric.
The Reflective Pond. The Fall.
The sound of rushing waters drown out the outside world and helps one to focus
The Crossroad(s). The Zone(s)
That moment of choice, of intense focus that finds you unexpectedly
The Sprawl. The Connection(s)
In the midst of a high-paced city, Lib-Ark is dedicated to returning moments of pause to its residents. Currently its beta version is being tested in a specific area within Central Park, but it’s systems and structures are designed for future possibility of expansion.