“Tales from the Loop”

Living Amongst Ancient Trees

Location: HuiZhou, P.R.China

Type: Architecture Masterplan

Program: Commercial, Residential, Landscape

Scope: Concept Design

Time: 2021 (Concieved)

Building Area: 32,940.6 sqm.

Building Height: ~9.1-12.5m

Floor Area Ratio: 1

Team: Zheng Tao, Fernie Lai, Alan Hung, Zhang ZeQun, Wang ShuoBin, Li YuanHao, Tian YiQIng, Yusuf Chan, Yvonne Lang

Retreating into the woods is symbolic of our relationship with nature, of life, of emotion, of reflection, more so in this date of distance and isolation. We created a meandering experience through these ancient woods, as nature towers over and embraces us, our past and our panoramic future unravel before us. Away from the city, closer to nature, we slow down, listen, touch, feel and connect with the Earth.